The 2018 sale bulls are now up on the site in lot order. Videos have also been added to their pages. We have kept with the Maximus line, they have been great for our Santas, with most of the bulls being by a Balgree Maximus son that we kept. A lot more polled cattle coming through now. Click the photo or name of the bull and you will see their page.

We have two classified bulls and five 'Approved Herd Bulls' this year. This is for bulls that are ineligible to be classified S by pedigree or if they fail due to minor details such as white hairs. They have all been inspected by the classifier for structural soundness, type and temperament and are deemed to meet a high standard as commercial sires.

We have struggled to sell Santa bulls in recent years. 7 bulls in the sale may be more than the market wants but it is very difficult to pick any that don't deserve to be there. Culling is a lot harder in Santas due to their inherant soundness. If you have been thinking about using a Santa bull, I would encourage you to try one, you will be very happy with their progeny.

I have included some raw data on the bull's pages. We scanned our Santa bulls again this year and are happy to be able to supply this information for you. I have also included any weights we have recorded for these bulls over their lifetime.


Lot 16

Glenrossie Maximus M103

Glenrossie Maximus M103 - S


Lot 18

Glenrossie Maximus M114

Glenrossie Maximus M114 - AHB


Lot 20

Glenrossie Maximus M121

Glenrossie Maximus M121 - AHB


Lot 22

Glenrossie Maximus M106

Glenrossie Maximus M106 - S










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