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The 2019 bull sale will be held on the Friday 28th of June.

The story of the year has been the big dry, with hardly any significant rain since October and we're at the end of April as I write this. Any rain has been going around us. Crops started failing in February and we fed our cows and calves silage for two months until mid April to keep them going, a rare occurence. The hay paddocks didn't grow in the spring and we got less than half our normal crop of hay.

We sold a good percentage of our wether lambs store for the first time in many years, we sold some steers early in October and are sold store heifers this year. So it's been a real doozy all round. I'm sure there are plenty of you with similar stories.

Bull pages are now up on the site. They have been constantly challenged with a lack of grass and we made the decision to supplementary feed them around mid March, as there was no rain forecast for the coming weeks. They have been getting around half a kilo of sugar beet a day and are looking better with the feed. The Santas are less bothered by the dry. Still not much grass around, although we have had some showery weather and the lack of heat is helping so far.


2019 Beef Shorthorn Sale bulls

2019 Santa Gertrudis Sale bulls

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