The 2019 sale bulls are now on the site. The bulls are going ahead now after a really terrible year. Click the photo or name of the bull to view their page.

We have had a severe lack of rain since October 2018. The bulls are not as big or heavy as we would like them to be, however we stand by our genetics and you can be assured that they will perform well. New sires this year are Saskvalley Task Force and Rough Ridge Enhance 9. Rough Ridge Primo 30 and Glenrossie Hamilton 12061 are represented again this year, so there should be something for everyone. We had a smaller crop of bull calves in 2017 with more heifers so there were less to pick from. 2018 has turned that on its head and we have significantly more bull calves than heifers this year.

The registered Shorthorn bulls have Breedplan EBV's and I have included some raw data as well. Please bear in mind that you can use the raw data to compare Glenrossie bulls to Glenrossie bulls, not to any other bulls, Shorthorn or otherwise. Different studs weigh and scan their bulls at different times to us so make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

The 2019 sale will be held on Friday 28th of June. Feel free to contact us if you would like to see the bulls in the flesh before the sale, or if you have any inquiries or questions.

All the bulls have been inspected by an international cattle classifier for structural soundness.



Lot 1


Glenrossie Hamilton 17038

Lot 3


Glenrossie Hamilton 17005

Lot 5


Glenrossie Hamilton 17010

Lot 7


Glenrossie Enhance 17073

Lot 9


Glenrossie Primo 17062

Lot 11


Glenrossie Enhance 17079

Lot 13


Glenrossie Task Force 17018

Lot 15


Glenrossie Primo 17065






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