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The 2022 bull sale will be held on the Friday 1st of July. This will be a HYBRID sale, held on farm and online via bidr. Any questions about this please ask.

A better year weather wise for us this year, the wet spring was unexpected and threw a spanner in the works for docking and getting crops in, but it's great to have some moisture after so many dry years.

We managed to grow another stack of silage, make 150 wrapped bales from winter crops and bale more hay than we've had in many years, so it's nice to have full haysheds and silage stacks. We're still a little down on stock from the droughts but happy with where we are at the moment.

Our cows did us proud again this year, rearing great calves. The calves were all big and fat at weaning, the girls took advantage of the extra feed around this year and put it into the calves.


2022 Beef Shorthorn Sale bulls

2022 Santa Gertrudis Sale bulls

Online printable catalogue 2022


As always, any questions, comments or for directions to the farm, please contact us.



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