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28th Annual Sale Friday 21st of June at 1pm. This will be a HYBRID sale, held on farm and online with Bidr.


The 2024 sale bulls can now be viewed on the site, complete with photos, pedigrees, EBVs and weights. If you would like to come and see them in the flesh, contact us and we will be happy to show you around.

2024 Beef Shorthorn Sale bulls

2024 Santa Gertrudis Sale bulls

Printable catalogue



Shorthorn cow and calf



2011 sale

If you would like to come and visit the farm to see our cattle in the flesh, contact us to make an appointment.

    Shorthorn bull   Santa bull    

We aim to breed quality beef bulls with structural soundness, conformation and muscle. We want our cattle to be easy to handle, good doers that yield high amounts of good quality beef. These are the values we strive for when breeding bulls for our commercial beef producers.

All Glenrossie bulls are guaranteed. Glenrossie bulls are TB status C10 and have all been tested and vaccinated for BVD.


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